Our Story

The world moves fast, the technology grows every day and, what’s the most used electronic device?

SixtyCase came up while traveling and seeing the need of taking care of our planet. We were in South America, enjoying the beauty of the new places when we realized that everywhere you looked at, was full of trash, cans and plastic bottles; and that is when the idea sprang.

We started as a university project which, with effort and dedication, took shape and came true. We started designing cases with recycled and biodegradable materials.
Besides, we wanted it to be different; to create a design which allows people to have the hands free so they can enjoy the moment, the trip, the day… to enjoy life and leave the phone aside.

So, this is what we are: ten people who became aware of the environment and, at the same time, the rise in mobile phone use. By putting these two ideas together, SixtyCase appeared.

Many small changes make a big one and you can be part of it. By purchasing any of our biodegradable products a tree will be planted, so help us being part of the change and turn down the plastic cases with the free hands movement.